Differentiated Instruction is one of the “buzzwords” in education today. Agolino Educational Services has developed a course, “Differentiated Instruction in the Mixed Ability Classroom,” to aid teachers in growing their repertoire of ideas and plans. As a veteran teacher, I discovered a plethora of ideas to add to my units, including revamping some of the activities that I already use. Anyone can benefit from a new idea or two especially in the day and age of high stakes testing! This course offers various ideas, templates, examples, and lessons to help you create items like choice boards, menus, and tic-tac-toe boards, as well as smaller scale ideas for activities such as grouping. I think that the course is designed with a busy classroom teacher in mind. The set up allows teachers to select which topic to begin with and in what order to submit assignments. It’s definitely worth taking to upgrade your current classroom climate!