After reflecting on my experience in the course, Classroom Instruction that Works, I conclude that I have experienced a positive, reflective, and insightful class that not only exposed students to new material but built upon their existing knowledge. Each teaching strategy was effectively introduced, discussed on a personal level in a student forum. This step was most impressive. As a traditional educator in high school, I sometimes stand out as being somewhat dated, but not in this class. Opinions in the forum regarding teaching strategies and philosophy were handled with respect through the examination and acceptance of different philosophies. Everyone could voice an opinion about the effectiveness of a strategy without being coerced by another classmate or the instructor. Instead, we learned from each other and built upon our own strengths to become better teachers through open dialogue with our peers and the instructor. The assignments that we created were in line with the teaching strategy and gave us all a chance to illustrate our craft to the instructor and sometimes to the other students where we could voice our ideas and also compliments. The instructor provided the students with a comfortable balance between theory and authentic learning. The course is truly an asset to any educator Kindergarten-12th Grade.