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Teachers have no shortage of options when it comes to professional development. The challenge is taking courses that will give the maximum return for your time investment.

Before you register to take a course

Agolino Educational Services offers a wide variety of opportunities for educators to earn Act 48 and continuing professional education (CPE) credits. CPE course credits can be used to fulfill the requirements for obtaining Level II certification, Master’s Equivalency and Act 48. Each 3-credit CPE course counts as 90 Act 48 credits. Please review the most current requirements from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) at the links below.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount for groups. Agolino Educational Services, Inc. is subcontracted by the Intermediate Units, who set the pricing for the courses. Payment goes directly to the Intermediate Unit.

For a tuition reimbursement and/or salary increase for educators, courses must comply with school or district policy. Please be advised that it does depend on the language in each school’s or district’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as to whether the online courses qualify to be used for reimbursement and/or credit. These courses are offered to educators throughout Pennsylvania. With more than 500 public school districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, (not to mention multiple non-public schools and charter schools), it is difficult, if not impossible, for Agolino Educational Services to determine whether each course will be eligible to meet each individual school’s or district’s CBA requirements for reimbursement and/or salary increase. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each registrant to check their CBA and in some cases request school or district approval in writing prior to registering and completing a course.

During the time you are registered to take a course

Pending receipt of payment, registrants will receive an email from Agolino Educational Services containing the login information the night before the course begins.

You must login with a personal Gmail account, not a school or district account. Most employers block access to outside Google Classrooms. Also, make sure that you use the exact class code to join Google Classroom. It is our recommendation that you copy and paste the class code from the attachment in the welcome email.

You will need internet access and a personal Google email address. We recommend a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet with an external keyboard as it would be difficult to read the course material and type your assignments on a smart phone. Textbooks and other supplies are not required for the course. All of the materials and website links will be provided for you in Google Classroom.

All of the courses are asynchronous where you can work at your own pace. However, if you would like to set up a Google Meet to speak with you course instructor or someone from the company that can be arranged. All of your assignments need to be submitted by 11:55 pm on the last day of the course session.

According to the language in some school’s or district’s collective bargaining agreements (CBA) or contracts, a course participant may be required to earn a grade of a B or better. After you have completed all of your assignments in Google Classroom and your course session has ended and, your course instructor will grade your assignments within three days. Please log back into Google Classroom on the next day and take a screenshot of your grades for your employer.

After you have completed taking a course

Agolino Educational Services does not provide official transcripts like a college or university. However, you should receive a signed letter of completion mailed to your home address from the Intermediate Unit stating that you satisfactorily completed the course approximately 3-4 weeks after the course ends.

Central IU #10

Participants are mailed two original transcripts at no charge for each course successfully completed. Upon request, an additional transcript may be mailed at a cost of $20.00 per instance. There is a $5.00 fee for each additional course letter requested after the first instance. (Example – first additional transcript $20, the second additional transcript $5; total for two transcripts $25). To request an additional transcript, please send a letter listing the name of the course and the date the course was completed, along with processing fee, to Central Intermediate Unit 10, 200 Shady Lane, Suite 100, Philipsburg, PA 16866.

Carbon Lehigh IU 21

In order to get an additional transcript (letter of completion) for the course(s) that you previously took, you will need to complete this Google Form. The cost is $10.00 per letter.

For questions or concerns contact Brenda Kauffman at or 610-769-4111 ext. 1201.

Central IU #10

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) accepts approved credits offered by Intermediate Units and recommends they be submitted on paper letterhead with the raised seal. Mail original letters to PDE along with the TIMS application cover sheet. IU letters do not need to be submitted in a sealed envelope.

Carbon Lehigh IU 21

Yes, Carbon Lehigh IU 21 can email transcripts or letters of completion electronically to PDE. You will need email Brenda Kauffman at and include your application ID.

Central IU #10

When you register and pay for your course you should receive an email from Sent on Behalf of FNB – Pennsylvania and the email address The subject line will be similar to FNB – Pennsylvania Receipt #2023-ARTE1Q. Please save this email as your receipt and print or forward it to your employer.

Carbon Lehigh IU 21

When you register and pay for your course(s) you should receive an email from the address The subject line will be Receipt for Your Payment to Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit. You will see a PayPal image at the top of the email with the following message: You sent a payment of $270.00 USD to Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit ( Please save this email as your receipt and print or forward it to your employer.

You will need to use your Professional Personal Identification (PPID) number to login to the Act 48 Professional Education Record Management System (PERMS). If you do not know your PPID number, you can look it up here. You will need to look at the Credits/Hours column for either 90.00 HR or 3.00 CR. The course title will be listed in the Continuing Education Requirement next to the Date Completed.

Disclaimer: Please make sure to join Google Classroom for the course(s) in which you are registered. Agolino Educational Services, Inc. (AES) is not responsible or liable if you join course(s) different from the one(s) you registered to take.

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