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At Agolino Educational Services, we pride ourselves on taking cutting edge educational research and connecting it to methods that have proven successful in our own classrooms. Our PDE approved courses are 3 credits and eligible for 90 Act 48 hours. We would love to help you broaden your teaching skillset on your path to professional growth.

America from Province to Nation

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  • Explain how the first Americans discovered and settled a new world.
  • Investigate the major reasons why the American colonists chose to move toward becoming independent from Great Britain.
  • Describe how the American colonists were able to ratify the Constitution of the United States of America and create a federal union.
Classroom Management, Teaching & Instruction, Technology and Law
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Skills, tools and methods for teaching students with disabilities
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Beginner & Intermediate Spanish Language for the classroom
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Social Studies, History, Psychology, Economics
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Our methods are guided by research, but grounded in everyday classroom experience. We’re a small group of educators with well over 100 years of combined classroom experience at all educational levels, and nearly 40 years of combined experience offering professional development courses to educators.